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Mentoring, courses and 1:1 coaching

VocAL Intuition is owned and run by specialist singing and voice trainer Anne Leatherland, to provide online training and support for professional voice users. 

Mentoring programmes for new and refocusing singing teachers: Expert and friendly professional guidance. Working collaboratively to build your confidence and vocal knowledge, enabling you to get better results from your students.

1-1 training for singers and other professional voice users; singing teachers, speakers, presenters and business owners. Building the skills you need to get the best out of your voice, using effective techniques. Working with you to help you to develop a free voice, build confidence and communicate more effectively.

Can VocAL intuition Help me?

Anne will help you to build your knowledge and understanding of how voices work. She offers an approach geared to your needs, and/or those of your students. The online aspect makes it flexible and accessible.

How will the training work?

Courses will be found here. Everything is in one place, making it easy to access course materials, ask questions, discuss ideas with other participants. You can also book and join live 1-1 and group coaching. It's almost like being in the same room!

Who will be training me?

Anne offers expert training and over 20 years experience. She also teaches with International trainers Vocal Process on their courses and Teacher Accreditation programme. Anne uses techniques that work, based on current accurate knowledge.


Mentoring Programme for New Singing Teachers

24 Lessons included in this course