Appy Days

Appy Days

Enhance your singing teaching using apps!

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About this course

There are 6 Units running over 12 weeks.
You may start any time up until , but your 12 weeks start when you enrol.

This is a Vocal Process Approved Course, CPD Accredited through the Vocal Process Accreditation Hub (12.5 points). 

Why Apps?

If you work with voices you'll know that nothing can really replace the skilled ear, careful eyes and experience of a professional teacher. However, there are times when a bit of extra help can be invaluable. Modern technology has made it possible to do things in the teaching studio or workshop that could only only be dreamt about, even just ten years ago. Used properly, it can really enhance your teaching.

In this day and age it may seem that you are bombarded with this technology, with "apps" (applications) and devices.  For some of you, no matter how much you would like to learn, this can be off-putting. Or you may not have the time or inclination to learn how to use and apply the technology.

So What is the Answer?

If this sounds like you, you're in luck. I love working with all things techie and have worked with apps in many ways in my teaching, both 1:1 and in group training courses. I teach with international trainers Vocal Process on their teacher accreditation programme and train participants in how to use apps.
This course is designed to help you to get to grips with some useful apps, in detail, step by step. For those who need it, I'll go right from the very beginning. There will also be possibilities for expanding your knowledge beyond the basic course. Everything you need will be on this platform, including video lessons and downloadable support material. You can share comments with me and other participants. I'll also be here to support along the way with regular live Q&A sessions. 

I'd love you to join me on this great course. Feel free to ask any questions via the Questions button above.

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Course content

Introductory section

Why use Apps? A Rationale

What's the course about and what do you cover?

I:1 Finding Your Way Around

I:2 Appy Basics: Getting Started

I:3 How to Use this Course: PLEASE READ

I:4 Q&A Webinars: Book Here

I:5 A World of Apps: The Prezi.

I:6 Essential Skeleton: This lesson is essential!

Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology

1:2 Essential Anatomy

1:3 The Larynx and the Vocal Folds

1:4 A Free Option

Unit 1 Challenge

Unit 2: Articulation Apps - Songs Have Words

2:1 Speech Articulation Apps

2:2 Help with IPA and Another Option

2:3 Unit 2 Challenge

Unit 3: Basic Voice Analysis Apps

3:1 Looking at Waveforms:

3:2 Spectrogram Apps

3:3 Other Options

3.4 Unit 3 Challenge

Time to Take Stock!

Check your Targets

Unit 4: Music Storage Apps

4:1 Music PDFs: Finding Them and Using Them

4:1 Transferring Files to your Device and Using Them in Apps

4:3 Teaching Tools: Music Storage

Unit 4 Challenge

Unit 5: Recording and Playback Apps

5:1 Introduction Unit 5

5:2 Downloading, Storing and Playing Backing Tracks

5:3 Play it Back!

5:3 Recording with Audacity on PC and Mac

Unit 5 Challenges

Unit 6: More Appy Days

6:1 More Tools and an Evaluation

6:2 Deciding Which Apps Suit You

6:3 Resources and Reading

A short message

Time to Reflect

Time to Reflect

Want to Carry On?

Appy Days Extra

Build skills right from the start!

For those who need it there is an option to learn all the important basics about apps: how to find them, download them and navigate them on your device. This means that you will gain the confidence you need to get you started successfully.

Types of Apps

Get a clear overview of different types of apps that can help you as a teacher of singing or voice. Learn the typical conventions for using them e.g. using menus, selecting, calling up info. Then get help exploring an app you like the look of.

Learn practically, in detail

Detailed guidance on using apps for 1. Anatomy and Physiology teaching (or your own learning) 2. Speech (and Singing) Articulation 3. Basic Voice Analysis 4. Music storage; pdfs & tracks 5. Music Playback and much more!

Online discussion and regular live Q&A

There will be opportunities to ask questions, make comments and chat with other course members via a special private Facebook group. There will also be a regular live Q&A webinar sessions here on the platform that you can book onto.

Opportunities to book 1:1 sessions at reduced cost

If you feel that you need a 1:1 session with Anne, you can book this at 25% off the usual price whilst you are doing the course. This will give you a chance to have personal help when you need it.

Practical Application

Throughout the course you'll have the chance to try things out for yourself, with useful practical tasks to help you to do this. This will allow you to use apps with confidence and imagination in your teaching and singing.

Know which apps suit You

By the end of the course you will have a much better idea of which apps might be useful to you in your work and you will know what to look for. After course completion and feedback you'll get a certificate for 12.5 CPD points.

Time to succeed

Although there are six units, two extra weeks are built in to allow you to take stock and finish work if you need to. There will also be the option to continue on subscription if you wish to go at a slower pace. Details will be in Unit 6.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find FAQs?

Please see the free preview lesson above and take the FAQ quiz! You can also ask questions at any time using the button above to message me.

Meet the expert

Anne Leatherland

Anne Leatherland BSc (Hons) PGCE ALCM LGSM (TD) FISM Vocal Process Associate Trainer Anne is a specialist singing and voice teacher, based in the Midlands, with over twenty years experience in vocal troubleshooting and teaching multiple genres. She is proud to be the owner and director of VocAL Intuition, which offers mentoring and support to singing teachers. Anne has written published resources, including ebooks, lesson plans and app reviews. She also loves using technology in teaching and has given both public presentations and individual training on this. At Liverpool Theatre School (LTS), Anne has trained singers for the Musical Theatre profession and delivered spoken voice sessions on the level 6 Acting course. She has also worked with actors at LIPA and as part of the Developed with the Lowry Programme. Anne works alongside International trainers and authors Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher on a regular basis, and is their first Associate Teacher. She teaches on Vocal Process courses and on the Vocal Process Teacher Accreditation Programme. During her work with them she was a finalist for the BVA Van Lawrence Award (2014) for research into the differences between classical and musical theatre singing.

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