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Teachers' Toolkit

Mentoring Programme for New Singing Teachers

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About this course

A four month mentoring programme for new singing teachers.

  • Evaluate your teaching and get expert advice on how to move forwards in your practice from experienced Vocal Process Associate teacher Anne Leatherland.
  • Guidance on running your studio and working successfully with your students.
  • Develop your knowledge of the fundamentals of vocal function, build a useful terminology and be able to relate this to your own practice, in a way that suits your students.
  • Improve your looking and listening skills so that you can help your students more to unravel what they really need.
  • Receive 1-1 coaching, and participate in a private Facebook group to ask questions and share ideas. There will also be an in-person workshop that you can book onto once you have finished the course.
  • A question and answer session and free webinar from Vocal Process.

Payment by instalment is available on request.

Please contact anne@vocalintuition.co.uk


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Course content

Welcome and Unit 1

Welcome - get to know your way around! More content will be added as your course progresses.

Getting to Know You Call

A First Evaluation

Introduction to Unit 1

1:1 Your Journal and Targets

1:2 What I Do - the 6Ws

1.3 First Mentoring Call

Permissions for Making Videos and Recordings: Important!

Lesson Planning

Unit 2

2:1 Introduction: The QUIZ!

2:2 Toolkit Essentials 1: Orientation

2.3 First Check-in Session

Some Useful Resources

2.5 Second Mentoring Session

Unit 3

3:1 Introduction to Unit 3

3:2 Toolkit Essentials 2: Looking and LIstening

3:3 Toolkit Essentials 3: Cutting the Jargon!

3.3 Second Check-in Session

Unit 4

4:1 More Detail

4:2 The Arytenoids and how they move

4:3 Toolkit Essentials 4: Building Knowledge and Skills

4.4. Third Mentoring Session: a Second Video Observation

Unit 5

5:1 Final Call 1:1

5:2 Taking the Toolkit Forwards: In-person Workshop

You will have an expert teacher to mentor you

Anne has been teaching for over twenty years and has worked with singers of all kinds in many genres. She understands the day to day difficulties that singing teachers face and will help you to tackle them.

You will build your knowledge and skills

Anne has a deep knowledge of vocal function and will help you to cut through the jargon and extend your own understanding. You will also build observational skills to help you to decide what your students need.

You will get personal attention

There will be a maximum of 6 participants at one time. This means that Anne can help you on a daily basis through the online group. You will also have 1-1 mentoring plus vital opportunities to share with others.

This course is an investment...

In you, your teaching and your students. If you improve your skills your students will notice. You will be more efficient in helping them and happier, more confident and successful in your teaching and in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes. Please email anne@vocalintuition to arrange a direct debit instalment plan.

Is the course all online?

Mostly, yes. All course materials, discussions, live 1-1 video coaching and group coaching will be online. There will also be an in-person workshop/event at the end of the course. if you live abroad you can attend by live link, or you can have a recording of the session and an extra 1:1 feedback with Anne.

How much personal attention will I get?

You will receive six hour long 1-1 calls (mentoring and catch -ups) and a four hour in-person workshop at the end of the course.

Do I have to submit assignments?

There are no formal "marked" assignments but you will be asked to complete certain tasks in order to progress through the course. These have been specially designed to help you to grow in your understanding, knowledge and confidence as a teacher. I will check in regularly to make sure that you are keeping up with the programme.

What will I get at the end of the course?

Those who complete the course satisfactorily will receive a certificate to say that they have done so. You will also benefit in many more ways in terms of your teaching practice.

Is the course right for me and my level of experience?

If you are unsure of whether this is for you, Anne will be happy to speak to you by phone and tell you more about how things work. just let us know at anne@vocalintuition.co.uk

Why can't I access all the lessons immediately?

This is because the course content will be added as we go along, from the start of the course onwards. This is advantageous as you will be able to concentrate on one thing at a time. There is an overview in the Welcome pdf that you can access on the platform as soon as you have booked.

Is this just for new teachers?

it is certainly perfect for new teachers but also a great opportunity for experienced or refocusing teachers to evaluate their work. The mentoring in the course is bespoke and content and approach is adapted to suit your needs. More experienced teachers who have taken the course to date have found it to be very useful.

Meet the expert

Anne Leatherland

Anne Leatherland BSc (Hons) PGCE ALCM LGSM (TD) FISM Vocal Process Associate Trainer.
Private vocal trainer with over 23 years experience working with singers and speakers of all kinds. I now work with professional voice users - anyone who uses their voice in their business or for their living.  This includes singers, actors, speakers, teachers and business owners.
Having trained for 16 months as a life coach I have now added personal growth coaching to my services and am integrating this with voice work in a unique way.
My work gives my clients the confidence and skill to express themselves authentically in any situation. They are able to really engage their audience or clients, make more impact and have greater success in their business.