Appy Days

I:2 Appy Basics: Getting Started

Go For it!

If you are already familiar and confident with finding, purchasing and downloading apps,  have a quick look anyway as a refresher.

If you are very new to using apps or tend to rely on someone else to get them onto your device for you, then this section is for you. Please do work through it as I'd like you to feel much happier about the whole process before you start the course units. 

I know that this can seem daunting but I have set everything out, step by step and you can ask questions if you need to.

So, grab a cuppa, take a deep breath and let's go! Once you purchase the course you can comment and ask questions on the associated Facebook group.

What's Your Device?

First of all, check whether your device works on iOS (Apple) or Android operating systems.  If you already know this then of course you can skip ahead, but here are some ways of finding out. 

1. iOS device:  You'll know straight away because these devices have the Apple logo on them and also their name betrays the operating system i.e. iPad or iPhone.  They come  with the App Store  app preloaded so that you can buy apps  easily on the device.

2. Android device:  Start up the device  and then press the settings symbol, this is usually shaped like a little cogwheel or  you can find it by swiping down with your fingers from the top of the screen. Once in settings go to about tablet/about phone and there you will find  which operating system is being used. 

Not on Android?
Amazon Fire tablets use their own operating system as do Windows tablets.  if you have one of these you may be limited in terms of the apps that you can access and you may not be able to access all of the apps I'm using in this course.  It is  it is however still worth your while taking the course as the broad principles of app use will be the same, and  you will be able to explore relevant apps for these devices.

PC and Mac Laptops
There are of course applications (apps) available for both of these computers, but perhaps not such a wide variety as those that have been made for the mobile devices.  We will however be covering some useful apps which work on these bigger screens.

What Next? 
Below you'll find instructional videos and accompanying pdf for each of the iOS and Android options. Select the right ones for you and you'll be able to make a start with learning how to locate, choose, download and install apps. Enjoy!

Getting Started with Android
How to connect to wifi, get a Google account and use Google Play Store to download apps.
Getting Started with iOS
How to connect to wifi, get an apple ID and use the App store to download apps.