Appy Days

What's the course about and what do you cover?

This course is primarily designed for singing teachers and singers but could be of benefit to any voice user who wants to learn to use apps to enhance their work. There is no need for any prior knowledge, as I have provided information for complete beginners and worked from there. Those with some knowledge already will be able to skip the optional parts of the course.

The ideas and apps covered within this course will be relevant to iOS (Apple) and Android platforms. I will also be covering some apps that work on Mac or PC.

Please note that Kindle Fire tablets, although working on Android, do not have access to  some of the apps which I’m covering in the course.

How Will the Course Work?

The course itself will last for six weeks and will be available on the online platform (, with an extra two weeks allowed for completion of the work. There will also be options to upgrade to a subscription, with bonus material and ongoing support at the end of this time i.e.eight weeks altogether.

The course aims to:

  1. Dispel any fear or lack of confidence that you may have concerning the use of mobile technology and apps.
  2. Give you clarity on exactly why and how apps may be used to enhance your teaching (or singing).
  3. Build ideas from the very beginning, for those who need it and to provide new knowledge and extension for those who already have experience.
  4. Lead you in specific detail in how to use six carefully selected apps, and also to suggest free alternatives.
  5. Provide useful tasks to help you practise and learn effectively.
  6. Explore ways to use apps in Different situations.
  7. Give support in the form of live Q&A sessions on the platform, and through the discussion boxes for each lesson.
  8. Provide opportunities to book one-to-one sessions at reduced cost, for the duration of the course.
  9. Inspire you to find imaginative ways to use apps to enhance your teaching, singing or voice work.
  10. Help you to communicate ideas to your students more quickly and successfully.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course you will:

  1. Know what apps are, how to search for them and download them to your device (iOS, Android. 
  2. Understand the main conventions of app use e.g. menus, buttons, highlighting, swiping etc.
  3. Understand what makes an app useful and enhancing in terms of your teaching or singing.
  4. Have an overview of the categories of apps that might be useful to you.
  5. Have practical experience of using and operating at least one app in each category group.
  6. Be better able to choose which particular apps might be most useful to you.
  7. Have greater insight into how to use the apps we explore to help you with your teaching and/or voice use.
  8. Have a solid foundation on which to build.
  9. Have guidance for using apps in your particular situation.
  10. Be given the opportunity to move on to further work.
  11. Be able to use apps effectively in your singing teaching, singing or voice work.

Course Content

The course material is all provided here on the online platform so that you can tackle it in your own time. I would however recommend setting aside a couple of hours a week to get through the lessons and tasks. To avoid too much pressure, course content will be released in stages as the course progresses. This will allow you to concentrate on the lesson in hand.

There are six units in this course, each concentrating on a different aspect of app use. The additional “Appy Basics” section is optional as some of you may not need it. However the information is there if you’re new to using apps or if you need a reminder  on how to access the App Store and download them.

Most lessons contain a video (15-30mins), supporting materials and other resources as well as details of useful tasks. Each of the video presentations will also highlight elements that might be useful to you as a teacher.

Units of Study

Free preview Video lesson: 

  • A Rationale for Using Apps i.e. why should we bother?
  • FAQ
  • Course overview document


  • Finding your way around the HowNow online platform and app!
  • How the Q&A sessions will work and how to book
  • Other important details about the course

Appy Basics: An Introduction to Apps

  • Connecting the Wi-Fi, searching, downloading, installing
  • Conventions of using apps - how to work them 
  • Categories of apps for singers and teachers to consider and why

Unit 1 - Anatomy and Physiology Apps

  • Specific apps and how to use them, in detail
  • Free options
  • Practice tasks
  • Q&A session 1

Unit 2 - Speech Articulation Apps; songs have words!

  • Specific apps and how to use them, in detail
  • Free options
  • Practice task

Unit 3 – Basic Voice Analysis Apps and Programmes

  • What’s the point of voice analysis?
  • What’s in a waveform?
  • What’s in a spectrogram?
  • Other options
  • Q&A session 2

Unit 4 – Music Apps

  • Specific apps for iOS and android
  • Working with stored music PDFs
  • Finding and playing backing tracks

Unit 5: Recording and Playback 

  • Recording
  • Changing audio files- basics (tempo, pitch)
  • Practice task
  • Q&A session 3

Unit 6: More Appy Days

  • More suggestions to explore
  • Deciding which apps suit you and your practice
  • Other resources and reading
  • Details of upgrade options/ongoing subscription

Please note that this is a training in how to use apps imaginatively, in the context of your current singing teaching or voice use. Some apps include material from which you can learn new information. However, I won’t be going into detail on how voices work or teaching any of the associated theory or techniques, as that is not the course remit. Neither will I be teaching you to teach. I will point you in the right direction though, should you need support or information on further CPD.

All apps mentioned are up to date as of July 2019. Updates will be made if appropriate once the course is underway.

Please contact should you have further queries.